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Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms are the body’s unconscious ways of dealing with stressful situations.  There are eight main defense mechanisms.

1. Repression - when the body makes a situation turn into an unconscious state of mind by excluding it.

2.  Projection - when a person turns an unwanted emotion to someone else.

3.  Reaction Formation - when the opposite emotion is expressed leaving the anxiety or impulse emotion repressed.

4.  Displacement - when a person uses a negative energy and takes it away from one object to a safer object.

5.  Regression - when a negative past experience causes a person to relive that experience or action in a negative way.

6. Rationalization - when a person can explain a negative situation by turning it into something positive.

7.  Denial - when a person unconsciously ignores a bad feeling or situation because they do not want to consciously face the negative consequences.

8. Identification - when a person incorporates qualities of another person.