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What People Are Saying

"It has been a truly invaluable experience for me. I have learnt so much information from all of Live Rehab's information and guidance throughout each aspect of addiction.

Live Rehab provided material and helped me as an educator to understand the current challenges in addiction and recovery.

Thank you for being a convenient, and trusted resource and thank you for making these tools so enjoyable."

Dr. Monica Watts

American Board Certified Naturopathic Practitioner & Certified Brain Fitness Coach 


​This course really helps in breaking free from your ​addiction. The instructor laid out clear steps to help you achieve those.


​Steven B.



​I've learned a lot around addictions and ways to quit abuse. The lessons, the ​pace and the ​presentation make the whole process very clear and applicable to the real ​life. Many Thanks!

Current Live Rehab Addiction Student

​​Emre M.



​Very relatable to my own personal experience with opiate addiction, withdrawal, and recovery. Thanks for your help


​Larissa C.


​Addiction and Recovery Built for ​You

​A Complete Approach to Addiction Treatment

Sobriety Success is one of the worlds leading online Addiction and Recovery services. You can finally get access to the tools, help and guidance you need in order to fight your addictions - for good. We've built the platform from the ground up using video lectures, workbooks, quizzes and interactive content to ensure you get the exact training you need to get into or support ongoing recovery.

Success Now in Recovery

​Easy Online Recovery and ​Sobriety

​Traditional rehab makes you choose between your friends, family, work, pets and/or school. 

Sobriety Success enables you to work at your own pace from home, work, school or wherever you want.

​And, it does so without breaking the bank!

Fight Addiction at Home Pets

Unlimited Access to the Following Training Programs

Alcohol Addiction and Recovery from Home Course

Stop Drinking Alcohol – Get Sober From Home

Opioid Opiate Addiction Courses

​Break Free from your Opioid Addiction

30 Days Drug and Alcohol Bootcamp Course

​30 Day Drug and Alcohol Bootcamp

Quit Smoking Now Course

​Quit Smoking Now – Kick Nicotine

Cure Your Porn Addiction for Good

​Cure Your Porn Addiction - For Good!

Eating Well for Recovery

Eating Well for Recovery

Kick Social Media Addiction Now!

​Kick Social Media Addiction

Super Sleep for Recovery Course

​Super Sleep for Recovery

Video Game Addiction Online Recovery Course

​Break Free from Video Game Addiction

Fit and Fab for Recovery Addiction

Fit & Fab for Recovery

Beat Cocaine Addiction

Fight Your ​Cocaine Addiction

Faithful Friends in Recovery

Faithful Friends in Recovery

Professional Relationships in Recovery

Professional Relationships in Recovery

Over ​​20 hours of video training!

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