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Awareness of Death

Oftentimes, it isn’t until someone is in life or death situation that they become fully aware of what the meaning of death is.  Once this awareness is brought to the surface it is then that a person is able to fully self-explore their awareness of death.  For most people this doesn’t happen but as a counselor or therapist who focuses on chemical dependency the awareness of death can be very beneficial.   If a client is able to recognize that their behavior while on drugs or their doing drugs can bring them to death then they are likely to bring the awareness about.  A therapist or counselor can then focus on healthy choices and encourage them to make decisions in which the awareness of death is appreciated.

Many times drug users have their peak experiences or what is called the low.  These experiences can be helpful in pursuing when using existential therapy.  There are times when a counselor will help the client go within and explore these peak times at which the client became aware of death.

The meaning of death also correlates and goes hand in hand with the meaning of life.  Oftentimes, individuals find the meaning of life by suffering.  Sometimes people suffer so badly that they are faced with a life or death situation.  When a person comes out of the experience it is how they choose to handle the situation that determines their fate.