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Cravings are a natural part of human existence.  When struggling with an addiction though, it is important to understand cravings and learn how to deal with them.

To combat addiction cravings it is helpful to recognize the circumstances in which the cravings occur.  Then, it is important to change things up to stop the train of thought.  When the craving comes from a person, a smell, a sound, or a location it is imperative to become aware of every thought pattern that goes along with it. 

When dealing with cravings physical activity, eating, sleeping, or even watching a movie may help pass the time.  It is important to change your surroundings immediately and call someone right away.  Many times, it is helpful to break the time down.  For example, you can say, “for the next 5 minutes I will …”

When someone is new to recovery, they may experience cravings more often than those who have time behind their belt.  Cravings are typically disturbing and too often individuals will try to figure out where the cravings came from while they are experiencing the craving.  However, this approach is not recommended.  Instead, think forwardly.  Think about how to stop the thought patterns and find a way to not act on the feelings that are being drawn out.  Once the craving has passed it is then important to process the experience to understand how to avoid that feeling in the future.