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Alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and over the counter medication drugs that contain depressant drugs are popular central nervous system depressants.  Most of these drugs are administered orally by a liquid or a pill and sometimes the liquid form of the drug is injected by a needle.  The effects of these drugs depend on the individuals’ tolerance but in low doses produce a calm and relaxing effect.  They release inhibitions and reduce anxiety but can impair their motor skills and judgment.  In high doses judgment and motor skills are highly impaired and most of the time these drugs lead to sleep.  It is possible to overdose on any drug but an overdose on depressants includes being drunk or taking too many pills in combination with alcohol.  Many times this leads to accidental death.

Sedatives depress the central nervous system.  They calm you down, put you sleep, and relieve anxiety.  Sedatives are also called depressants.  Barbiturates, tranquilizers, alcohol, and narcotics are all examples of sedatives.