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Family Constellation

The Adlerian Theory focuses on birth order in the family constellation.   Firstborns are authoritative and generally take control of the family especially when the parents are not present.  Secondborns are outgoing, happy-go-lucky, and artistic.  This is because they don’t have to worry about taking charge.  Middle children are great negotiators but are often treated unfairly.  Middle children are very manipulative.  Youngest children receive a lot of attention and are spoiled.  They are often babied even as they grow older.  Only children receive a lot of attention and mature early.  They are high achievers yet selfish.

The family constellation plays a big role in future goals and past influences.  Adler talks a lot about how he believes people are the way that they are specifically because of their birth order.  He also believes that people will commonalities with other peers if the same birth order is shared.