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Pyschosexual Stages of Development

There are four psychosexual stages of development.  There is the oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, and genital stage. There oral stage occurs during the first year of life and is based on the fact that babies find pleasure from their mouth resulting in sucking.  The anal stage occurs during the second year of life and is based on the fact that children find pleasure in withholding and eliminating feces.  The phallic stage includes the Oedipus complex and the Electra Complex which is when a young child becomes sexually attracted to the parent of the opposite sex.  The last stage is the genital stage and occurs during puberty.   This stage should be a completely normal sexual stage as long as the first three stages occurred normally and was not oppressed or overindulgent.

Where did The Psychosexual Stages Come From?

The Pyschosexual Stages come from world renowned early psychologist Sigmund Freud who pioneered research into the human mind and brain.  One of the main things that Freud espoused was that most of our human development comes from these psychosexual stages of development.