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Common problems during treatment

Common problems that can occur in treatment are:

* recovering individuals as counselors

* confrontation as a treatment strategy

* the use of medication

*  controlled use

Recovering individuals as counselors can only be good if they have the interpersonal skills and education to back it up.  Often times counselors in recovery don’t have this and then they try to mold the client into their own way of thinking because they simply believe they know it all because they have been through the experience themselves.

Confrontation is not always beneficial in counseling or at least thought that way anymore.  The success rate of recovery is much lower when confrontation is involved. The solution?  Have empathy and compassion and avoid confrontation as much as possible.

There are medications that are prescribed for addicts that may be counterintuitive; meaning trading once addiction for another.  A successful treatment plan will eliminate all drugs, even if they are assumed to help.

Some users and abusers believe that they can go through treatment with controlled use.  This doesn’t work as it’s merely the client’s perception of what is controlled.  A treatment plan should only include eliminating the drug of choice completely.

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