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Evidence Based Practice

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether the information that is being read is following an evidence-based practice. It is important to find out though as information about recovery-oriented addiction treatment that is not evidence-based practiced can be ineffective if used or interpreted in any situation.

Evidence-based practice is a practice that will utilize research and studies to support an outcome. When reading about recovery-oriented addiction treatment, it is important to look for research points and real life effective situations that have occurred. There is a great website called that will list many evidence based interventions that have been reviewed by their staff. Because the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is part of the United States Health and Human Services, the above website would be very reliable. For example, while I was browsing all of the interventions, I came across “Alcohol: True Stories hosted by Matt Damon.” This is basically a set of motivational videos and trainings geared for those in treatment programs. All of the information has been supported by SAMHSA which include the quality of research, outcomes, targets, and costs. It also lists strengths, weaknesses, and provides a plethora of research information like how it was conducted and so forth.

The best way to determine whether the information that I am reading about recovery-oriented addiction treatment supports it as an evidence based practice is to thoroughly research either through the SAMHSA website, or other means, to be sure that the research is thorough and reputable. Googling and reading the first answer that comes up in the search is not a good way to research information about recovery-oriented addiction treatment. There is much more that goes in to quality information and unfortunately, with the way the web is designed it takes understanding and critical thinking to sort through the un-reputable information that is out there today.

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