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New Trends in Treatment

There are many new trends taking place in the field of addiction treatment. Addiction treatment today focuses on much more than treating an addiction alone. Addiction treatment will help individuals treat their bodies as well as their minds. Treatment focuses on the whole person and includes motivational techniques that can be used to help aid in the healing process. One example is the new trend of motivational interviewing which involves expressing empathy without criticism during the initial interview process.
Technology is growing as well. People are relying on the web for treatment purposes and guidance. This new trend forces old-school type of recovery programs to embrace technology in a way that has never been before. With the power of facebook, twitter, and text messages, information is much obtainable than ever before.
Diet and exercise is also becoming more popular as integration with counseling and other psychological approaches. Due to the overwhelming amount of research that has been done recently, it is critical for people in recovery to eat healthier and exercise more. This in combination with other methods has been a growing trend.
Having counselors become more culturally competent is also a newer trend. It is being known that different cultures require different approaches for addiction treatments to be successful. This is why many addiction counseling programs provide culturally related material to understand before obtaining certificates in the field.
There are many more categories that involve current trends and the above are just a few. The field of addiction treatment is constantly changing and requires professionals who are not resistant to change. With technology, research, and clinical trials, it is important for chemical dependency professionals to have an open mind all the time and not get stuck practicing the same way every time. Everybody will have different needs especially with age and cultural differences. Chemical dependency professional must adapt to their needs and use their knowledge to embrace differences.

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