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The Disease Model of Addiction vs Existential Therapy

The disease model of addiction is obviously the more favorable model of addiction as the majority of chemically dependent individuals utilize this approach.  It’s been proven over again that this model of addiction is effective and true in regards to encouragement.

My own personal belief is that will power and determination play a much bigger role in determining one’s fate.  One example is Existential Therapy.  I like this approach because of the freedom counselors and therapist have in implementing techniques.  They are able to adapt the techniques they know to help the client in the realization of their unique identity.   Therapists and counselors are also able focus more closely on the individual needs of the client, bringing out their identity.

Some critics however, claim that using existential therapy limits proper treatment due to the fact that they do not diagnose or properly or assess.  There are other methods that work in addiction and in the end it’s really up to the client to find a program that uses approaches in which they believe will work for them.  If the disease model of addiction leads someone to a life without addiction at all then by all means it’s effective.  Each counselor should be choosing their own treatment methods for their clients and if that is the disease model of addiction then so it should be.  However it is important that one not stick just to one specific idea in order to ensure the clients get the best possible care.

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