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Why I like the Bowen Family Therapy Approach

Bowen Family Therapy is part of a growing trend of independent approaches to healing and family centered centers.  One of the main reasons that I believe that the Bowen Family Therapy appeals to me so much is that Bowen took his own approach to solving the dynamics and nuances of therapy.  Instead of focusing on tried and true methods for everyone he instead devised his own methods which would eventually turn into a completely viable approach that everyone else could take too.  The Bowen Family Therapy, in my opinion, offers a chance to present information to the client in a way which affords them the opportunity to recognize the unconsciousness factors impacting their life.  All too often we see or examine therapy treatment styles which do not properly address these factors and therefore leave an empty hole which leads to relapse situations.  Unfortunately, the Bowen Family Therapy approach cannot be used in every situation nor does it apply to every family so its practical application in the real world, depending on where you practice can have limited uses.  Depending on the clients' needs and their own family history it will be important to properly assess whether or not this approach will be of any use.

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  1. was a drug addict mslyef, i know what actually causes it, and i know how to prevent it.the best thing is actually comfortable and love in family. Rules or forcing would actually tempted them to try. Keeping them busy like exercising (together with them) does help alot. out door activity such as BBQ party and surfing at the sea is a great way to take their focus out of drugs and do drug because they are bored, just remember this.

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